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28 Grey’s challenge 

Day 09-10 - My favourite couple/ My least favourite couple.

Calzona is the reason why i still watch Grey’s Anatomy so I think it’s save to say that its my favourite couple.  I just love their chemistry & how sweet they are. Callie (Sara) is just so beautiful and talented, and don’t get me started on Arizona (Jessica), she is just so flawless and perfect in every way. (Okay, maybe not in every way you cheating bitch). 

Crowen one word disgusting.(Little harsh?) I’m so sorry, I’ve tried to like them but I simply can’t. Maybe it’s because I don’t like Owen. Or maybe because i think their love scenes are messy and not in a good way.


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Ian Bohen ♥ Peter Hale ♥


Ian Bohen ♥ Peter Hale ♥


Restless Road / Restless Hotties. 

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